Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A compilation of smiles

I have a couple important and inspired blog posts in my mind that I plan to write soon, but today was so grey and wet and cold that I feel the need to share some light-hearted moments from my week that made me smile, and hopefully will make you smile as well.

For one thing, my friend Thet Thet explained to me that my name, if it were "Burmesified" would be Ka Ni Lin, which means "Red, Sour Sunshine." I am so glad "Lin" is in my name, since that's the "sunshine" part. :) Also, Thet Thet had to write an essay for class about an activity that she is involved in outside of class, and she chose to write about Youth Night/Girls Night at International House! In the essay she said she was scared at first to come because her English is "no so good" but that everyone she met at I-House was always smiling, and that made her want to come.

And the marshmallows for Moi San? Well, he wasn't as big a fan as I thought he'd be, probably because he couldn't bite them with his newly-acquired teeth. I should have remembered from Lemony Snicket's series that babies as amazing as Sunny and Moi San prefer a nice carrot or block of wood to soft bunny-shaped mallows. Being a gentleman, though, he gave me one of his million-dollar smiles in thanks for the thought.

However, the treat was not a total waste. Jo Lien and Khi Pi LOVED them. I wish I'd been faster with my camera, because the moment Jo Lien popped the first one in his mouth, his eyes got huge and his whole face lit up with delight. Remember the look Violet had when she chewed the gum that tasted like blueberry pie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? That's Jo Lien. Anyway, it erupted into the giggling face you see here.

Finally, I got a very special bouquet of Easter Lilies the other day that are slowly unfurling on my desk by my window. The best thing is, if I keep my door closed all day while I'm out and about, when I come back the room smells SO sweet and wonderful! Which is a precious gift, since sometimes the smells of Little Burma are hard to endure. And every time I look at them I can't help but rejoice: "He is Risen indeed!" Now that is something to smile about! :)

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