Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo blog of a Cactus Fruit

Until today, I didn't even know cactii have fruit! But today one of my students brought me two of them, so Jessi and I decided to make a mini-adventure out of it.

Looks kinda like a cross between a plum and a mango...

Jessi, looking slightly concerned,
and possibly doubting the thrill of this new adventure.

Me, looking slightly more optimistic.

We peeled them and saw the fruit
underneath was a fabulous shade of red.

It was SO sticky, with tons of hard little seeds!

Jessi's first impression upon tasting it was puzzlement.
"That is not what I expected!"
She describes the cactus fruit as being "a disappointing raspberry."
For having such a rich color, it was surprisingly unflavorful, yet we felt like it had the potential to be awesome, if we could just have a few less seeds. As it was, every bite was full of seeds that were the size of pomegranate seeds, but without the juicy casing... too small and too many to spit out, but too big to enjoy. Interestingly enough, it felt and looked like it had a big pit in the middle, like a peach, but it didn't; it was just through-and-through mushy and seedy. It's not that it tasted bad, it just was less than we anticipated. Jessi said it reminded her of Christian people who are so full of theological and doctrinal jargon that it takes away from the sweetness and richness of a relationship with Jesus. So disappointing, to look satisfying and yet be so lacking in taste and riddled with pits. I'm just thankful Jesus isn't like a cactus fruit!

At any rate, now we can add one more weird thing to our list of "Have dared to eat..." Apologies to anyone out there who is an avid fan of cactus fruit!

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