Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photo blog: Tour of Fort Wayne

"Tall Hannah" and I decided to give Jessi a whirlwind tour of Fort Wayne yesterday. I think we hit all the major hot-spots!

First stop: The Vera Bradley Factory - where the purses are made!

Heading downtown, we catch a glimpse of the rainbow smokestacks

At The Fort

At the confluence of the three rivers: St. Joe, St. Mary, and Maumee

Cotton trees! Makes it look like it's snowing on a breezy June day.

Jessi really hit it off with her new friend, Chief Little Turtle

Connie in Headwater Park

Jessi and Hannah with Major General Anthony Wayne

Part of the downtown skyline

The Courthouse

Cool Time Capsule, buried in 1999, to be opened 2100.

Fort Wayne's modern art... not this city's strongest feature

This is where the city of Fort Wayne started! 

Enjoying the cushy reading cubbies in the children's section of Allen County Public Library.

Reading my favorite children's book at the library

Me and Jessi hugging at the Tin Caps' baseball stadium

Tee hee hee - tin caps!

We could not find any of the city's famous mastadons, but we did find this big sneaker!

The grave sit of Johnny Appleseed. It says: "He lived for others."
We think that's a cool way to be remembered.

Last stop: The DeBrand Chocolate Factory, where we had this amazing thing...
It's DeBrand ice cream in a milk chocolate cup, drizzled with milk and dark chocolate,
sprinkled with pecans, and topped with a piece of DeBrand dark chocolate.

... And the general concensus was: "Mmmmmmm..."

Next weekend we plan to visit a bunch of parks and gardens... stay tuned!

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