Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo blog: A week of fun with Jessi

Last Saturday, Girls' Night - painting our own t-shirts!

And Jessi's new friend played with her hair.

Jessi learned how to cut ten different fruits!

It's Hilina's Ethiopian specialty - the ten fruit smoothie.

YUM!! Looks yucky, but it is oh so delicious!

Girls at Youth Night, showing off our new t-shirts!

Realized a little too late that we had
no appliances to mash potatoes,
so we ended up blending them instead...

Again, looks gross but was still tasty!
We ate our blended potatoes like a dip for our chicken nuggets.

Girls' Night this Friday night - GlowGolf at the mall!

Art Party project by Abby, Connie, and Jessi

Today we did our park tour. First stop, Lakeside Park

Love the trellises and gardens at Lakeside!

Second stop: Foster Park,
and here we are at the Bridal Glen

Hannah and Jessi on a stone wall, enjoying the sunshine!

After Foster Park, we wandered around Shoaf Park, but got no pictures. Verdict on suntan is pending. We did so much else this week! Next blog will be about the awesome afternoon we spent at Special Needs Vacation Bible School. So stay tuned!

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