Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Great Multi-Tasker

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what God is up to in my little corner of the earth - aka, International House - that I forget that he is at work all over the place, reaching all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. He is the Great Multi-Tasker... and he is very busy! Thursday afternoon, my friend Maelynn invited Jessi and I to her corner of the earth to see what God is doing there. Her corner of the earth is about three blocks away from I-House, at the church where a ministry called One Heart meets weekly to serve and love on adults with special needs. This week was their fifth annual Vacation Bible School, and the theme was all about Jesus' childhood.

It was so much fun!!

We colored, sang, learned a verse in sign language, played games, had a Bible lesson, prayed, went to the prize store, and had pizza. The participants loved it, and it was cool to share that time with them and see them smile. There was a set of identical twins in our class who did everything exactly alike; there were a couple people who immediately decided I was their special friend; the guys we ate dinner with had a burping contest; one new friend decided to spend her prize money at the store on gifts for her friend who is in the hospital, and the lady I sat next to loved to sing and dance to all the music.

I was also impressed at the love demonstrated by the volunteers of all ages. Every volunteer was smiling and energetic, and it seemed like they all genuinely enjoyed being there. They interacted with the participants so naturally, no matter what their level of communicating ability was, laughing with them and asking questions, and listening to their stories. It was beautiful, and such a blessing to see the value and dignity they upheld in their relationships.

God is doing great things through the ministry of One Heart and in the lives of people with special needs here in Fort Wayne!

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