Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TCF Mission Trip, Day 2

What's this? you ask... You know you want to. And well you should. This, my faithful and curious readers, is rice - a 20-pound bag of Asian jasmine rice. And why do we have it? you ask... Well, today we visited the home of our dear Pastor Meng Pu, where his seven daughters sang for us and then dragged out and flopped down this huge bag on the mat in the living room - it made an impressive "thump." They said it was their gift to "the missionaries." Wow. We got to share a big Chinese buffet meal with them and pray for them, and I was so thankful that my TCF missionaries got to meet my Zo missionaries. It's so cool to know that Pastor Meng Pu is a missionary to America, and when he is not encouraging and building up the Zo church in Fort Wayne, he is travelling to other parts of the country to "give the gospel" and preach the goodness of God. His family is such a blessing, and the only thing they ever ask of me is prayer for them and their church and their ministry. It is an honor to get to pray blessings over them in their own home.

We can't wait to bring home our huge bag of rice and present it to our church as a gift from our Zo friends!

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