Friday, July 1, 2011

TCF Mission Trip, Day 4 and beyond

On the last day, the team did an amazing amount of work around I-House! In the evening, Tall Hannah helped me give another of our (quickly becoming famous) tours of the town.

G-Ma P, how many car seats needed cleaning?!
Hint: this row is only the beginning of a four hour scrubbing!

Peggy and Gail, joyfully serving the Lord

My mama, joyfully chopping down a weed!

Sam, joyfully washing the windows of Little Burma

Richard, joyfully putting up a fence around the community garden

Bethany and crew, joyfully organizing children's DVDs and CDs in the kids' room

The girls... VERY joyfully chowing down on DeBrands sundaes at the chocolate factory

More of Sam's epicness, covered in chocolate
The team at the Fort

Mom and Richard learning wisdom from the famous Hamilton women

Sam and Jessi, stealing a hug from statues

Mom and Hannah cooling off at Headwater's water park

Thank you, Mr. Anthony Wayne, for sharing your city with us!

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