Saturday, August 13, 2011

Superchick/Switchfoot Awesomeness

Last night, some friends and I went down to Huntington U. for their first annual Fandana Christian music festival, featuring... a whole lot of artists and bands, and ending with Superchick and Switchfoot, two incredible bands, and supporting and promoting an anti-slavery ministry called "Traffic Jam". With the music and the ministry promotions and all the encouraging/challenging things the artists said, I noticed that there was this overall theme of: "You, who are in Christ, have the power to make a difference and change the world." A theme that I love, and I was more than happy to be surrounded by all evening. I just wish I'd known, so I could have worn my Supergirl t-shirt!

An Indiana sunset

We're here!!

Jillian and Abby - Huntington friends who are SO excited
to have an awesome concert on their campus.

Concert-junky friends!

Just found this hilariously ironic... on our way to the main stage

Oh Switchfoot, how I love you!

Jon Foreman came into the crowd to sing at one point!
Switchfoot ended their set with their popular song, "Dare You to Move," and as many times as I've heard it before, one phrase stuck in my heart differently this time:

"The tension is here,
between who you are and who you could be;
between how it is and how it should be..."

I think sometimes Christians get so caught up in the message "Jesus loves you just as you are," that we get complacent and comfortable, and we lose sight of the truth: Jesus loves us - not for who we are, but for who He is. And he hates our mess - our sin - and loves who he knows we can be in Him, if we allow him to change us and work in us. It's the Potter-and-Clay mentality: we are a lump of mud and he is the Artist, with fingers tingling with the joy of creating something beautiful out of us. And he inspires that imagination and creativity in us, too. The beauty of living in this thing called Reality is the ability to imagine the possibilities when the power of Christ is infused... in myself and in the world.

As we drove home, I thought about those lyrics... Who was I, who am I now, and who could God be transforming me into? What is my life like, and what is this world like? How should it be different, and how can I be a part of the change?

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