Thursday, August 11, 2011

YAY for baby!

Today I got to meet a new member of my ever-expanding international family: Dim Lian's baby girl, the beautiful Ciin Lam Hoi Thang! She was born last week, and the tiny peanut of a 10-day-old is the youngest baby I've held.

She was so calm and quiet, didn't cry or anything, just was very content to doze, even in my very weak and unsure arms. Her big brown, perfectly almond-shaped eyes, her long, graceful nose, and heart-shaped lips make her look so much like Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin!

The house was full - Jo Lien was running around in circles and giggling uncontrollably with his little friends, and a little girl kept coming over to kiss the baby on the head or pat its arm. Lian's mom has finally (PTL!) arrived in America and is living there with them, so I got to meet her, too. Lian looked more beautiful than ever, and I know it's a proud and contented "Mama glow." And guess what? We've got two more Burmese babies due in the next two months! YAY!

Thank you, God, for new life, for precious babies, and for the beauty and sanctity of every human life, no matter how small!

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