Friday, September 16, 2011


And now the priority is to rest. I came home to rest - to be away from busy-ness and excitement, to take frequent naps, to not have a work schedule, to not have interruptions, to read and write and pray and and eat and listen to music and watch television and crochet and drink tea and all those sorts of quiet, calm activities. It's an intentional, healing retreat.

I'm not very good at this. Anyone who knows me at all knows this is not natural or easy for me. I have to physically stop myself from starting new projects, have to mentally slow myself down to not overanalyze things, have to socially put myself in check so I don't overdo it. This is not a normal trip home, Connie. I have to remind myself. You are not here to be busy and overstretched, you are here to rest. Because with rest comes healing, and with healing comes strength, and with strength comes endurance. And rest is a very good thing....

If you have any recommended music, books, movies, or quiet, creative activities for me to try out during this time, I'm happy for you to send suggestions to me! And if you are nearby, I'd love to have a little company now and then. :)

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