Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our pet hummingbird

My family has been entertained this week by a new resident of our backyard. Mom has a hummingbird feeder, and in years past we were lucky to glance out the window at the exact moment a hummingbird buzzed in, took a quick sip-to-go, and flitted off to wherever it is that hummingbirds go. But the novelty of the here-and-gone bird has worn off, because this little one is here-to-stay.

As you can see, he pops in for a drink, and then... perches on the top of the pole. He stays there until another bird dares to cross his path - then he chases the other bird away and returns for more resting and sitting. We're wondering if he has a mate and a nest of little ones in the trees nearby, and maybe this is his version of "The Man Cave" - his little private getaway that preserves his sanity.

So I've made him my pet, and I have decided to name him Cummerbund... because I've been reading The Princess Bride for the 100th time, and it is my favorite name from the lineage of the Dread Pirate Robertses, and also the least likely name for me to give a real person some day. Someone ought to be called Cummerbund, and it might as well be the tiny, bold creature in the backyard who is extremely territorial about his sweet-drink hacienda.

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