Friday, March 30, 2012

As the song begins to fade...

It seems that life is a music album of beautiful songs... songs about life the way God intended it, full of loving actions and graceful truth. Each song's lyrics are faces of people I have known and loved; each melody is the story of our lives crossing paths for a season,  to build each other up, challenge and strengthen each other, carry each other through difficult times and dance together through the miracles and blessings. This song is so incredible, so rich and full and perfect, that I don't want it to ever end...

And then the song fades away as we change and move and move on to the next song, the next community that will build, challenge, strengthen, carry and dance in a different way. And this new song becomes beautiful and precious in its own way, and I almost forget how much I loved the old song, and I begin to hope that this song won't end...

And as we change and move on and it slips away, I try desperately to hang on to the last chords, but it resonates and sounds so much like an older song I now remember... just enough that it makes my heart ache. And now I long for not just the song that is slipping away, but all the songs that came before... so much so that I just don't want the next song to start, for fear that it will one day end as well.

When we hear the final chorus, we tell each other that nothing will change, but we know inside that everything will change... and it must. The next song must come, and the album must have many different songs to be complete. The beauty is enhanced by the brevity of each tune, sweet and perfect in its own special, unique way. And the compilation will bear witness to the faithfulness of God, the love of Christ, the power of the Spirit, and the wonder of true relationship. The album will be just a shimmering echo of the reality of heaven and eternity.

As another song begins to fade, I try to slow it down, try to hold on to the sweet, familiar notes that I cherish. The key and rhythm will change, and even as I resist it, I know the next song will be beautiful too, and it will be just the one I need to hear. Lord, thank you for the songs you've already written into my life, and give me grace to receive a new song from You.

(Note to clarify: No, I am not leaving Fort Wayne now; this entry is not about me going anywhere.)

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  1. Wow! I hope you are doing well. I really enjoyed reading this post. That picture at the top seems like so long ago.