Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Favorite Pair of Shoes

We're at the Earth House in Indianapolis, a cool little venue in an old church building, with the stain-glass windows and hard-wood floors all still in good condition. It took six mighty men to carry Kevan up the two flights of stairs, and one mighty Tall Hannah to get me up there too, but the music is totally worth it. I'm sitting in a Queen Lucy-esque chair, with my dangling feet propped up in front of me, on the right side of the stage. It's dark, but I am not anxious. In fact, I feel happy. I had a great dinner, I got to explore a little bit of downtown Indy in great weather, the venue is beautiful, and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are one of my favorite bands, so seeing them live is pretty sweet. But I'm really happy because I get to sit here next to my best friend for a couple hours.

Kevan is beside me, with his long, skinny fingers wrapped around mine. His thumb taps my palm to the rhythm of the song, and after each tune we tap our pointer fingers together in a mini-applause designed by us. I can't hear him, but I know he's humming along as he bobs his head. And I know his favorite lyrics by the way his eyes crinkle in the corners when they're sung.

"With you, I can be myself
With you, I don't have to be somebody else
It's like putting on my favorite pair of shoes
I like to be with me, when I'm with you."

And in this sweet, happy moment, I get misty-eyed, because it's true. I look at my Peter Pan Converses - my favorite pair of shoes - and look at Kevan's hand in mine. I give it a little squeeze, because there aren't a lot of people I know who really get me like Kevan does. And while I really try to be real and authentic with people, Kevan knows me better than I know myself and draws the "true me" out better than most.

He had to go back to North Carolina this morning, and I am already looking forward to the next time I get to see him. Maybe we'll just listen to music, tapping our thumbs, reclining and looking at the sky... it doesn't really matter, Kev, as long as I just get to be with you.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors


  1. I need another reaction box - crying...I love the bond you have with your brother.
    I ordered your book from amazon and can't wait to read it!So glad you are feeling better after your illness.

  2. I came across your blog as I was searching for quotes about "favorite shoes".....your blog touched my heart and I really like the way you write....I am a 7th grade English/Reading teacher in you mind if I follow your blog??? :)

    1. I'd be honored! I'm glad you enjoy it! :)