Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pray for the Bible school in Myanmar

The tea was made, and the plate of sweet bread was laid out. Everything was ready, and now I just had to wait. I waited for a very special guest, Dr. Khup Lian Pau, to arrive at my Hobbit Hole. Meng Pu was visiting me earlier in the day last Friday and told me that Dr. Pau was visiting Fort Wayne for a few days. He had come in January to visit many different cities across the United States, and would be leaving in May to return to his church and Bible school in Rangoon, Myanmar. Dr. Pau was the man who led Meng Pu and his family to the Lord, in the 1970s. And getting to meet him was definitely an honor I did not want to pass up.

Meng Pu and his brother, John Tom, and Dr. Pau came and had tea with me. He is very intelligent and interesting to talk to, and he has very kind eyes and a warm smile. Dr. Pau told me how he came to know Jesus, and about his ministry in Rangoon. He teaches young Christian men and women at the Bible school, and trains and equips them to go back to their home villages with the gospel. He said that four of their students lost their families and homes last year in the tsunami, and are suffering from post-traumatic stress. He asks for prayer for them, and for all of the students to grow in their faith, and for them to have great courage and love, to share Jesus with the people in their home villages. Pray also for financial support for the school and for monthly sponsors to help pay for the students who attend.

I got to share my testimony and a little bit of my ministry with Dr. Pau as well, and then I got to pray with him before he left. He invited me to visit him and his school in Rangoon, and I think I would really like to do that some day. Until then, join me in praying for this incredible pastor and the students in his school.

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