Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Color Green

Mile log: 660

"Be praised for all Your tenderness by these words of Your hands... 
Be glad that You have made blue for the sky 
   and the color green that fills these fields with praise..."
~Rich Mullins

On this, the first day of our epic road trip to Vancouver Island, Hannah, Brie and I drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With a couple rest stops, it took us about 13 hours! Most of the day was spent in Illinois and Iowa, and I loved watching the scenery pass by. As we moved further away from Chicagoland, it got more and more rural - more farmland, more open space. At some point in Illinois, I could see the horizon stretch forever in every direction... breath-taking.

We crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa, and the landscape slowly became more rolling hills, still in a vast green expanse. And it was so green! I tried to count all the different shades, tones and hues of green I saw - different trees, bushes, grasses, and crops - and I lost count after 22 distinguishable colors of green. I think that is why green is my favorite color... it's so life-giving and expresses itself in such varied ways... it was such a blessing and comfort to be surrounded by it today.


The sun set before us tonight in beautiful rose hues... hopefully there will be more amazing sunsets this week that we can get pictures of - one really cool reason to travel west.

To date, the furthest west I have driven is Austin, Texas... but tomorrow that record will change as we move into the interior of SD to enjoy the Badlands... stay tuned!

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