Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 7 - North! Into Canada

(Wheelchair) Mile log: 672

Well our car mileage reached 3,000 today as we neared the border of Canada. It made me realize how far we have traveled this week, and how far from home we are. But the adventure continues...

We left Aurora, Oregon this morning after a huge pancake and bacon and coffee breakfast at A. Carrie and U. George's house. They've invited us back, so maybe next summer we'll come out again and hang around a little longer with them on the farm...?

We shifted our direction from west to north for about six hours. Not much to speak of in the way of breathless scenery, but we did see a lot of "The Evergreen State" of Washington, plus enjoyed the traffic and cityscapes of Tacoma and Seattle. And then there was the border. We passed border interrogation with flying colors, and they didn't even want to search the van! :) Funny how we get so nervous about these encounters even when we've done nothing wrong. It took Hannah less than five minutes to acclimate to the mi/km cross-over, and she was so excited about being in Canada that she kept babbling on with her Minnesota accent and using the word "eh": "Oh, it's Canadian cows, eh! All oot to pasture! And look, some Canadian horses over there, eh!"

We got to the BC Ferry in plenty of time for our 5:00 trip across to the Vancouver Island. Yep, to top off all the other adventures we've had, we got to go out on a big boat.

We are now safely settled at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Gerald's house in Victoria for the evening, and our room smells gloriously of sweet peas, from a fresh bouquet cut by Carol just for us today. So very tired, I think Hannah and I will head off to bed now, and I will try not to wake up at 6:30AM again like I have the past two days.

But stay tuned! We don't go to the camp until tomorrow evening, so who knows what will happen in a day on Vancouver Island? And the adventure continues...

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  1. You must return with a permanent Canadian accent. Deal?