Sunday, November 24, 2013

cuddle time, and wheelchair separation

Mile log: 877

The Ladies of the Hobbit Hole have a favorite hobby we call "cuddle time." Basically we pile around each other as close as possible, surrounded by every pillow and fluffy blanket we have. And we have a lot. I'm pretty sure we resemble cats, and I'm not at all sure who started this craze. Fuzzy pajamas, late nights, skilled huggers, ridiculously cold weather, and deep bonds of sisterly affection seem to encourage the behavior. Kind of a new thing for me, since I grew up without sisters or cats, but I'm learning. Maybe this is what the March family in Little Women was like? It does my heart good.

One of my favorite things about cuddle time is that I get out of my chair for a while. Don't misunderstand, "Svante the Svede" is very comfortable and capable of all sorts of convenient things that make my life easier. But armrests, footrests, handle bars, and headrest make human contact a bit tricky. Not to mention the joystick and buttons that are so easy to bump and cause all sorts of chaos. It feels like my personal bubble has its own armed security system. Sitting on a couch sort of eliminates all my potential to bruise, crush, or impale my friends who just want to hug.

It seems to have this weird surprise effect on people when they see me out of my wheelchair, like we are one unit that can't be separated. Maybe it's just like seeing Bono without glasses or Tom Selleck without a mustache... it's just iconic and hard to separate one from the other. And yes, I just compared my Swedish wheelchair to Tom Selleck's mustache.

I'm not sure what is more amusing: to see how people react to me without my chair, or to the chair without me. Usually people want to try to sit in my chair if they see it empty... interesting that I'm always looking for opportunities to get out of it, and people are most curious to get into it!

I am thankful for my wheelchair, but a little separation from him can be a good thing, especially when the alternative is cuddle time with my sisters.

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