Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Peace (Part 2)

After resolving his fiasco with hiccups, Judson set out and once again followed the elf’s instructions. But while the magical brew had a calming effect on his stomach, the Burden of Great Heaviness still affected him. He sat on the banks of the spring, and in anxiety and frustration he scratched his itchy skin.

“What is wrong, sir?”

“Oh, dear! Do you have an allergy?”

Judson looked up to find that the musical voices belonged to two tiny fairies flying above his head.

“No allergies that I know of,” Judson replied. He told them of his topsy-turvy stomach, and of Todifer’s prescription, and asked if he might have another sip.

“Well, my friend here is Fair Shannondoh,” one of the fairies said, “And I am Fair Essie, and we are the fairest fairy guardians in the colony! I guard these waters from running dry, for they give life to my people. The elf was right when he said a drink would calm your stomach, and you are welcome to have a little more, but it will not relieve your ailment forever. Only the Great King can do that. Have you heard of him?”

“The elf did mention him, but I don’t think it is necessary to bother him. This is working just fine, so I’ll just take some more of this water with me, if that is ok with you.” Judson said as he held out his cup. Then he began scratching his neck again, and behind his ears, and the tip of his chin. “Do you fairies have anything that might soothe an itchy-scratchy feeling? It comes and goes, but is quite uncomfortable sometimes.”

The fairies glanced at each other with a knowing look, and Fair Shannondoh refilled Judson’s cup once more. “I recommend that you visit my friend, the Abbess of Imadene,” she said. “I think she makes an ointment that will possibly relieve your itchy-scratchy symptoms. But really, you should consider going to the Great King soon…”

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