Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Peace (Part 3)

Judson thanked the fairies and followed their directions, though it took him across desert and mountain and even the ocean, to a small island to see the Abbess. She lived in a convent on the side of a big mountain, with Sister Pamela and Sister Ruth. When he mentioned Fair Essie and Fair Shannondoh, they warmly welcomed the weary Judson. Sister Ruth brought cold compresses and a soft blanket to the guest who settled into a comfortable chair.

“Could be an infection, or maybe allergic reaction,” Sister Pamela suggested after studying the irritated skin closely, “but more likely there is something much deeper inside causing such a chafing. Has the Great King examined this yet?”

“No, I haven’t seen him,” Judson replied wearily. “It isn’t so bad that I need his help… just a mere flesh wound. The fairies said you could give me an ointment, perhaps?”

“Well,” the Abbess said, “I have created an ointment from every healing, soothing plant on this island, which may be of some help to you. Apply it generously every morning. But it is only a topical solution; it won’t touch whatever is beneath the surface.”

“But the surface is what matters,” Judson said, “Who cares about what is unseen? This is just what I need, thank you.”

Sister Ruth brought a cup of tea and asked, “Is there anything else that ails you? Anything else we can do?”

“Thank you, sisters,” Judson said, and then sneezed and sniffled. “Because of all my travelling, I do think I’ve started suffering more from a little bit of clogged and stuffiness in my head. Abbess, do you know who can help me with that?”

“As a matter of fact, I do!” she rejoiced. “There are some giants that live near a lake, about 20 miles south of here. “They are three brothers: Joliam, Brando, and Wilan. They are the heartiest, most active giants I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Ask them what their secret is, and I’m sure they will help you!”

So, after a tasty lunch and tea, provided by the sisters, Judson said good-bye and journeyed to the Lake of the Giants. It wasn’t difficult to find; beyond the Abbess’ mountain the land stretched out flat and wide, and it was easy to spot a huge log cabin in the distance.

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