Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Doubtful One

I was listening to the new album by The Collection - "Ars Moriendi" - today... it's probably one of the most powerful albums I have ever listened to, lyrically and musically... the kind that only comes out of a lot of pain and brokenness and healing and joy and peace. One of my favorite songs on it is "The Doubtful One," and I wanted to share some of the lyrics with you today on my blog. I hope you will download the song (or the whole album) to get the full effect, but this is just a sample of the honesty and heart that reminds me so much of the psalmist, King David...

"Oh brother Thomas, did you walk away from Jesus,
wondering if it was all a dream?
Did all your doubts creep back and tell you that your fingers
hadn't ever touched a single thing?

'Cause I have read that story so many times,
when You healed that man and he could see perfectly again.
But in between, it reads that all he saw were men as trees
and that's all that seems to cloud my vision...

'Cause all the friends I know, have never ever heard You speak,
and I know that when You speak it brings up Life.
So would You, pretty please, come speak to all of them and me,
Growing us collectively into Your wife?

So lead me to the mountain, write it out on the stone tablets,
What it is that You decide is Truth.
But I think I want my hands to bleed from loving, not from condemning
Isn't Love what He would have us do?

Cuz all my friends and I, we have stolen, we have lied, and
We have looked upon each other full of lust.
But You carried Your cross when You knew that I was lost,
So I know that You can carry all of us."

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