Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell to April

"It was that time of year when the woods are all in their spring colours, the thorns all in flower, and the birds in the high season of their singing." - R.L. Stevenson

April came onto the scene full of energy and brightness. I got a sun tan the first day of the month and I was breatheless that first week with the awe-inspiring colors and scents of all the beautiful flowers that were in bloom. Spring fever didn't have time to make me suffer, because spring came - right on cue - to stay as I've never seen it do before.

Normally in North Carolina the tulips and daffodils bloom in February and die quickly when Winter changes its mind and returns for a little longer. Then the pear and cherry trees brave the Fickle Weather of March and adorn themselves with white lace, but usually the petals get blown off and rained on and frost-bitten and turn brown from the Stubborn Cold that teases and torments. But this year, February and March stayed cold through and through, so Impatient April demanded the leading role in all her glory and shoved cold weather off stage.

Every spring flower opened and shone and perfumed the air with its marvelous fragrance and vibrant color... and overpowering pollen, too. So for two weeks we all rubbed our itchy eyes and wiped our itchy noses, admiring the springtime from the windows through Yellow haze. How could we complain though, when the sun and blue skies were always smiling at us? April was taking full advantage of her reign, for she usually has to share with Unpredictability and Dynamic Change on a daily basis.

She finally saw the good sense in inviting Rain for a short visit, though, and our allergies cleared when the air did. Mornings and evenings became cooler in a refreshing way, and the sun grinned from ear to ear over the green green life growing all around and the playful breeze that made it all dance.

The whole month was just as I imagine Fairyland to be... in a constant state of light and beauty. So I thank the Lord for allowing April to blossom so gracefully as she did, and I bid her "Farewell," and "Well done," and "Please come visit again soon!"

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