Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

The first day of May was spent as it always should... I got up early and went for a swim with Mom - both of us in our chic new bathsuits. Then I had breakfast tea with my Kevan. Then I went to the park with some dear friends and we feasted on popsicles beside Mallard Lake and hiked to the horses stables, rose garden, and the manor house... we got sunkissed and filled with joy, sharing good stories and bad jokes and life together. Then my family had a cook-out on our back porch (new porch furniture!) and it ended with finishing off my magnificent black forest birthday cake.

Kevan and I finished Book the Fifth in Lemony Snicket's Series this evening, and I own Book the Sixth, so I'm sure we will be starting it ASAP... now that the V.F.D. has been mentioned. He got me The Beatrice Letters which I absolutely love, but cannot share with him until he has finished reading the Series... it wouldn't make sense otherwise and anyway it would completely spoil the ending. So the goal is to read through the rest of the Series as quickly as possible so I can share my beloved Letters with my beloved reading partner.

As of tonight, I have completely sworn off chocolate for the month of May. I had far too much of it in April, and while I thoroughly enjoyed all the special treats such as truffles, black forest cake, Klondike bars, cherry M&Ms, and chocolate-WOWs... my body did not respond well to it all. So taking a break and trying to get myself in a good shape. No chocolate... or chips. Hold me to it, people, hold me to it.

Pro-active goals are to finish reading the four books I've started in the past two weeks, to listen to more music in my leisure time, write some poetry (besides haiku), consciously work to improve the circulation in my legs and feet, and to get a job for the fall. The list may grow, but these are the essential basics. Monthly resolutions seem to be much more managable and effective for me.

I hope you all had a beautiful and enjoyable May Day!

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