Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ethiopian Tea

"Can I make you
some Ethiopian tea?"
she asked, and I smiled
at the way the word "Ethiopian"
rolled off her tongue.

Mint leaves in water
steep on the stove
filling the house
with peace and rest.
Cinnamon bark
whole cloves
black leaves
stuffed into a little ball
with other ingredients from
Far-away Africa.

Aromas cool and spicy
sweet and earthy
blend and rise
in mystic steam
expanding the love of home
to reach across the world
to a place where
"Family" is all who enter your kitchen and
"Tea" is an event to be shared.

She pours out the brown liquid
and we sip together
toasting this occasion
of two cultures embracing
in organic, raw materials.

As ingredients melt and brew together
to create something new, unique, beautiful,
So we relax and commune together
in the grace of our God
that has the power
to do the same in us.

~C.L. Chandler


  1. Lovely, gal!

    Tea can be such a transcendant thing... especially when shared. Hope we run into eachother soon. Kevan has been a major blessing.

  2. This is beautiful! Your words painted a powerful picture of your time in Indiana so far. I am enjoying your updates. Praying for you, friend :)