Sunday, June 13, 2010

A taste of Ft. Wayne

World travellers that we are, Leigh Ann and I decided to spend some of our free time this week exploring the culture and sights of Ft. Wayne. There is this big park downtown called Headwaters Park, with lots of paths and greenery, and an occasional hidden statue. We learned about the railroad system, three women who wanted to change Ft. Wayne society for the better (which they did), and an Indian chief who worked hard to preserve the land from pesky colonial settlers (which he didn't). We crossed several bridges over water and tried to figure out what river we kept encountering, but then we realized that we actually were crossing three rivers. Here is a picture of where the rivers converge... the confluence, if you will, of St. Joseph, St. Mary, and Maumee Rivers.

Then we went to Fort Wayne. Yes, there is an actual fort. Not as old as the stuff in Winston-Salem, but it's still authentically antique, huge, and very cool.

After seeing the sights and having extensive lessons in history and geography, we decided that every good missionary samples the delicacies that are specific to the culture and location you serve in. Which is why we stopped in at De Brand's gormet chocolatier shoppe and got some samples... for pure missionary experience. We got a sampler of PB&J, buttercream, orange cream, and mocha (which is the one with the face). All I can say is.... mmmmmm....

There is a local baseball team called the "Tincaps," in honor of Johnny Appleseed, who is buried here. We've also checked out the local library, and in the summer they have live music outside of the library on the lawn on Saturday nights. There's also a children's science museum downtown that is in an old factory with rainbow painted smoke stacks. And everyone keeps telling us we HAVE to go to Jefferson Point Mall, which is a huge outdoor mall... which is a weird and questionable thing to find this far north. We're finding our way around the city, and feeling much more immersed in local culture.

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