Monday, June 14, 2010


"Oh, there you are! I've been looking for you!" Roshni gushed with delight as she swung open the front door and saw Leigh Ann and I there on the front porch of our house. We'd only been gone for a couple hours, but apparently it had been an eternity for our six-year-old little sister.

I like to call Roshni my little sister, because I've always wanted a little sister just like her. She watches in reverent awe as I apply my make-up in the mornings, she wants to taste anything I'm eating or drinking, she giggles incessently, and she hops up on my bed and sprawls out on my afghan for "girl talk" when we're all in our pajamas. She has this pure, dreamy princess air about her, from the way she carefully colors in her fairytale coloring book to the way she "matches" her own clothes by wearing as many sparkly shades of pink as possible.

She isn't an angel... she doesn't always mind her Mommy as she should, and sometimes she exhausts me with the attention she demands. But she has a beautiful smile and even more beautiful heart. She cares for and loves everyone who comes to her door, and baby Michael is somewhat safe in her young and eager arms. She's adopted me as part of her family. She watches me, listens to me, and imitates me, and that makes me want to be the best example to her that I can be.

Pray that little Roshni will grow up to love, honor, follow, and serve the Lord. Pray that he will cultivate her sweet, joyful attitude and he will use it to his glory, that she will be a Light and a Blessing to others.

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