Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AHA! Resourcefulness...

Who needs cable anyway? Refugees survive on a lot less... or at least they figure out how to be resourceful... This is what was going through my mind when Hau Lun ran downstairs yesterday and handed me a slip of paper with a website on it, then quickly busied himself with hooking up my projector to my computer as I typed in the address. How he found out about a live-streaming site for the World Cup games is beyond me, but apparently his desperation to watch Holland take Uruguay in the last ten minutes was enough to motivate him to figure it out even without access to cable TV.

Today the whole family was ready for game time! Hau Lun rigged up the projector to provide us with a huge, wall-sized picture of the field. Michael loved standing right in front of the wall with his own soccer ball, looking straight up at the action before him. Even though the internet service slowed and stalled the streaming at times, it really just added to the suspense of the Germany v. Spain match. Thang Ngai served Coke and shared a bowl of ginko nuts with me, and we all cheered as Spain took the game with one cool point.

It's fun to be here with my international friends during such an international event. We all understand soccer (er, I mean, "futbol"), and can even talk about it together despite language barriers. I loved seeing the SocceCable screen show the fans in Madrid, too, because it reminded me that this is something we are all experiencing together. Hau Lun was quick to inform me that the final between Spain and Holland is on July 11... so I'm sure we'll be watching it on our makeshift movie screen!

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