Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Friday with Friends

Part 2 of the mystery meat saga: After I wrote about my mystery meat gift, Thang Ngai returned with a BOWL OF SOUP. It had potatoes, green leaves, and hunks of the bony meat in it! "For me?" I asked. "Yes, for you." she replied and handed me a napkin and spoon. It was pretty greasy and salty, but not bad, and I managed to eat it all... minus the bones, of course. I explained it to Jayne and she's pretty sure it was duck soup!

Thank you to all of you who sent me messages! You are so dear to me, and it was good to hear from you personally. Laura is here now, and we are having a marvelous time together. Thursday night she got "inducted" by meeting my ESL class and partaking in Hilina's famous 10 Fruit Smoothie.

Yesterday Laura, Pam, and I visited Lakeside Park. We walked around the pond and then, as is tradition for Laura and I whenever we visit a park, we "crashed" a wedding! Actually, we just sat on the hill and watched from a distance. I don't think they even reserved the park - there were no chairs for guests, no decorations, no music... and it was all over in a matter of 15 minutes! The wedding party showed up to the park at 2:20, and walked through the garden at 2:25. At 2:30, vows were said and rings were exchanged, and at 2:35, with a kiss and a cheer, the couple was announced as husband and wife.

Then we went to lunch/dinner at Flattop Grill and saw the movie "Letters to Juliet," which was beautiful. Then we wandered around Jefferson Point, the big outdoor mall, for a while, ate Cold Stone ice cream, and listened to a cheesy cover band.

When we got home, we made a pot of peach tea from Charleston, SC, and our happy thought (compliments of Wendy) was this:

So we decided, since it is indeed July, to go ahead and sing some of our favorite Christmas songs... which turned into two hours of singing (the Angnaying Inn has GREAT accoustics). We forgot how much we just love Christmas songs! And so many of them are worship songs and talk about Jesus' return, so it was good to sing them together.

So what adventures will we have today? As I tell my ESL students, "Come back tomorrow to find out!"

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