Thursday, July 8, 2010

Right now... I'm homesick.

Right now? Right now, I am chewing on something that Thang Ngai gave me to eat in a little dish... something that I think is poultry of some sort, bony and tough and cooked in some unidentifiable Asian sauce. I thought I was brave, until I couldn't control the words from coming out: "What is this?" Thang Ngai just laughed and said, "Don' worry, is not hot." Slightly offended, because I heroically faced Rekha's curry sauce... once... I just shrugged and comforted myself with the probability that it isn't something's intestines. Too bony for that. And I'm pretty sure even Asian people can buy cat in Indiana. God bless America.

Right now, with my mystery meat, I'm waiting for the next three hours to pass before my dear friend Laura arrives on my doorstep, hopefully with the red dust of North Carolina still on her shoes. I really miss NC and all my friends there... it'll be so sweet to see a familiar and friendly face and have her nearby for a couple days!

If you are reading this, do me a favor and send me a quick note or email, and tell me a story about life where you are, whether in NC or elsewhere in the world. Maybe it will make me feel a little more connected and closer to home.

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