Monday, July 19, 2010

anvils, roosters, and the peace of God

I tried to write a prayer update, and couldn't think of anything to say. Same prayer requests in place: jobs for the Burmese men, settling in for the newcomer families, continued discipleship of new Christians, clear message for seekers... doesn't feel like much has changed or even happened this week. I think it's because I have been very distracted and, dare I say it, self-absorbed. Because you see, my time here in Fort Wayne is running short, and there is now the big Question that feels like it is looming over my head like an anvil: "What next?" I don't want to dig into the details of all the analyzed thoughts and weighed options that have gone through my mind in the past five days, but I do ask that you pray for me to have wisdom and decisiveness soon. Because the Question is clouding my vision and reducing my energies to myself, which is definitely not a good thing in ministry. I may not know much yet, but I do know I am not called to confusion, frustration, worry, or selfishness.

On the lighter side, Thang Ngaih's sister and her family are here visiting, which means we now have twelve people hanging out in our beloved Angaying Inn! It also means there are two whole roosters (and I do mean whole) soaking in the sink today... they scared me to death when I saw them this morning, and I pray that my dear, well-intentioned neighbors don't try to make me eat them tonight. I will refrain from posting pictures, for your sake and for the sake of your dreams tonight, because my fearless little brother even called it "disgusting." I thought about writing a requiem for them but decided that would be much too morbid. Maybe I can try offering the family some of my oatmeal-craisen-dark-chocolate-chip cookies (Bethany's recipe!) as a peace offering.

In the mean time, I'm meditating on the Scripture that Pam and I read together this morning in Colossians 3: " were called to peace..." What a beautiful and simple calling.

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