Saturday, July 17, 2010

Special Delivery with Love from Home

Last night I received my first care package! A shoe box, wrapped securely in duct tape, with my name on the top, contained a tremendously loving and encouraging note from the Malchuks, two boxes of tea, and two tins of classic Wintston-Salem Moravian cookies. The box arrived just at the end of my pizza-and-salad dinner with Pam and Jayne, so I was thrilled to share my hometown treasures with them! Jayne had made a pot of Somolian Chai with cardemom (Wendy, I will bring some back for you), so as we sipped, we broke into one of my cookie tins and ate half the cookies within.

I told the girls about Old Salem, the baking store, and how it is a joy smply to pass the open doorway during the day and smell the baked goods. I told them about the Moravian cookie factory five minutes from my house, where you can watch through the glass as a bunch of women roll out the dough so thin and cut out the different shapes. They were impressed by the flavor and the daintiness of the fragile crisps, and I promised to share with them the Morvian side of my town when they come to visit.

It was good to have such a thoughtful reminder of home, and as I share my cookies with my new friends, I have stories and memories to share too... not just about the history, culture, and place, but about the people who have made it so precious to me - who have really made Winston-Salem my home.

Thank you, Malchuks, for this special gift.

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  1. You won't bring any of that tea home! It will be gone before you get back. ;-) That was a very thoughtful gift from the Malchuks (and very timely as well)!!