Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Packages, packages!

This has been my jackpot week for packages! Every day I have been pleasantly surprised by a new box with my name on it beside my porch door.

First came my mom's package of purple pajamas and pumpkin cookies (which the boys just LOVED)... and tea!

Then came Zoe's handcrafted quilt and pillow set... the material was a pattern of tea cups and tea pots!

Today the box said "From the Vincent Ladies," and contained homemade cookies, some fun crocheted pieces, chocolate, and a tea mug... filled with tea!

Anyone sensing a pattern here? :) My entire room motif will be ruined if I ever turn to drinking coffee!

Thank you to all of you wonderful people for cheering up my week. It was tons of fun to be surprised and get to open new things made or bought just because you were thinking of me - I feel so loved!

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