Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prince Michael

The families I live with love Disney movies. They will watch one Disney movie over and over again until the video tape is worn out, and then they'll keep watching the parts they can get to play.

Their favorite right now is Sleeping Beauty, which happens to be one of my favorites too. The boys just sit on the coffee table, transfixed by the magic and charm, the color and the music, the danger and humor. And they love Prince Phillip. They want to be Prince Phillip. I don't know what exactly it is about him, but I've known lots of little boys who want to be like him. They have imaginary sword fights, they ride their trusty steeds, they save the day... and they dance.

Yesterday, Michael ran up to me and in his typical adorable way, threw his little arms around my legs and buried his face in my lap. I bent down and kissed the top of his head and returned the hug. Then he took both of my hands in his and started swinging my arms around and humming. I realized he was humming the song, "Once Upon a Dream," from the forest scene in the movie, and that he was trying to dance with me - something very few men have ever attempted with me. So I sang the song in my best Briar Rose voice and Michael giggled and danced with me.

So I've dubbed him my little "Prince Michael," because his is becoming a very good little prince. He is about as charming, heroic, and gentlemanly as an 18-month old can possibly be. And some day he will meet a beauty who he will dream about, dance with, and fight for... and they will live happily ever after...

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