Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling so loved

This morning was so amazingly cold! You can see that the thermometer in my car said it was -6 degrees F at 9:30am, but the wind chill was more like -25 degrees! Allen County schools were actually closed for the cold weather. But Hannah and I bundled up really good - coats, scarves wrapped up to our noses, mittens and warm shoes - to go out to meet up with a friend at Panera Bread for bagels and hot drinks... which was totally worth braving the negative temperatures! 

In the car, we were listening to and singing loudly one of our favorite praise songs, "Oh, how He loves us!" Especially at this time of year, it is so good for two single girls like us to remember this wonderful truth, that we are loved by God. With cold fingers and warm hearts, we returned home and found a package for me - a pile of valentines from my dear teenagers back home at TCF - Wow, that completely filled my love tank for the day! Thank you to all of you kids for such a special gift!

... I feel so loved...!

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