Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flowers, Valentines, and Romans 16

In the midst of a cold, grey weekend, I received a beautiful, bright bouquet of spring tulips on my doorstep! The absolute perfect Valentine gift, and the best timing ever... so thanks, Mom and Dad!

Friday night we had our second official girls night of the semester (aren't they so cute?!). It was so much fun to make pizzas, play games, and get to know our awesome girls better. We had a box of cheesy, "groovy" Valentines that we gave to each other, but I think my favorite was one that one of the girls wrote on notebook paper at school earlier that day. It was addressed to all of us volunteer girls, and she thanked us for spending time with her and teaching her good lessons, and she said she hopes she will keep learning from us. Awww! So sweet... I think I'll tape it to my wall, so when I have bad days I can remember why I do what I do and the people who make it worth it all...

Yesterday Hannah and I finished reading through Romans together... and we really loved Romans 16! It's got a really impressive list of Paul's partners in the gospel, and acknowledgements of how they have blessed him. And we started thinking about what it would be like to make our own lists... and how incredibly long those lists would be! Both of us have been so blessed with lifelong power-teams of family members, mentors, peers, teachers, pastors, and church members who have invested in us... which is probably why we are where we are now. :) We decided to take some time and make a list just of the people here in Fort Wayne who we work with - even then we came up with 45 people! - and wrote something about each one, about their gifts or the way they have blessed us or how we've seen them love others. We called it our "I-House Romans 16." We plan to do this more often, with other groups of people from other places and times in our lives... It felt so good to do that, and we just thanked God so much for the incredible opportunity we have to be surrounded by so many saints.

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