Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 11 - What's your story?

Today I'm moving my focus from the gorgeous view here to the beautiful people we are meeting! 

I'll tell you later about the 93 crazy, adorable, dramatic, sweet, fun girls who are running around with limitless energy this week. But today I wanna "shout out" to the staff. I've really enjoyed time I get to spend with the staff - they are all so awesome! This is our new friend Rachel - the "Memory Verse Lady", with her two beautiful daughters:

The other night, Hannah and I stayed up late with Rachel and had "story time." I said, "Rachel, what's your God story?" And she said no one had ever asked her that before, but then proceeded to tell us an amazing and powerful story of how God called her to himself. We shared our stories too, and prayed for each other. Yesterday, Hannah and I managed to ask three other staff workers about their stories. Some were more dramatic than others, but all included God calling them, and through different roads he has brought us together here at the camp for this amazing week. 

Since my theme for chapel is God's Story, I guess it's become sort of my ice breaker/conversation starter: "What's your story?" After all, we all have a story, and each of our stories is just a piece of God's bigger story of love and redemption... So think about it today: what's your story?

Hannah and I with the camp directors - Auntie Deb and Auntie Carol!

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