Friday, March 19, 2010

How many Greenvilles are there, anyway?

Greetings from Greenville! Still in North Carolina, close to East Carolina University... yeah, the party school. I am here with my mom and my brother Kevan, who is to be a groomsman in his best friend's wedding tomorrow. He's totally prepared, too... he has the classic uncomfortable dress shoes, the suit, the haircut, and the top-secret bachelor party plans. Apparently he is building a reputation as a great bachelor party planner, but I wouldn't know why, as I am a girl and apparently the first rule of bachelor parties is: Don't tell the girls.

At any rate, I am eager to see the style of this wedding, as the bride and groom and most of the party are pretty cool "granola kids" from Appalachain State University. The bride is an art teacher, too, so I know everything will look great, but it is going to be interesting, I'm sure.

Our hotel room is quite nice and spacious, with enough room to pull up to the sink and enough space between the TV and the bed to turn around with ease - not like those other "handicap rooms" that just have a wide doorway and awkwardly-placed handlebars. Well played, Hampton Inn!

Oh I hear the groom in the hall coming our way, and oh look! there's hot homemade cookies! Tea is served downstairs, so I think I'll sign off now and enjoy my afternoon tea time.

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