Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Singing Heart

How do you respond to truth that is full of joy and hope? to a relationship that is full of life and authentic selflessness? to a gift too wonderful for anyone to deserve?

"I am loved by the King,
And it makes my heart want to sing!"

How can you express overwhelming gratitude when you are completely overwhelmed... when you feel like jumping up and down and laying prostrate at the feet of Jesus in tears, cheering at the top of your lungs and finding yourself utterly speechless, feeling honored and humbled - all at once?

"Name above all names,
Worthy of all praise,
My heart will sing:
'How great is our God!'"

When you think of Jesus - what he has done for you, what he is doing in you, and what he has promised you - and when you think of who he is and how he loves you and his glory and majesty... what song does your heart sing?

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