Monday, March 15, 2010

a productive day with a good, good end

Kevan's favorite Ben 'n Jerry ice cream flavor is "Mission to Marzipan." Tonight he decided to pick some up, and while he was at it, because he is so sweet and thoughtful, he got me a little tub of my favorite flavor... can anyone guess?... "Cherry Garcia." It's definitely the best blend of cherry, chocolate, and ice cream EVER created. I love my brother! I love Ben 'n Jerry ice cream! And I love their website too - there are games and activities to keep you busy when you are bored. One time, I actually made a whole village out of paper patterns they had on the website, complete with cows to inhabit it.

I packed it all in a shoebox and shipped it to my friend Shannon in Texas. I don't see that project on the website anymore, but there's plenty of other things to check out.
Today I was not bored, and therefore did not have to print out, color, cut, and glue paper buildings and cows. I actually got a lot done - finished my embroidery, made some sign-up sheets for events, editted a story and some papers for people, tutored a student in linguistics, and a few other little things that amounted to quite a bit. It's nice to feel productive.
And I got to finish the day with a cup of Ben 'n Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream! Talk about a happy ending!

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