Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends in High Places

The family upstairs is spending more and more time downstairs. I think they either realized I don't bite, or I love teaching English... or maybe both. Whatever the reason it is nice to see them more and more and become their friend.

They have a particular love for Jackie Chan movies in Chinese Burmese music videos, and old Disney classics (which I'm realizing are GREAT for ESL practice). They also make rice in very large quantities and smother it in some Asian sauce that is very strong and lingers for days.

They stay up very late and sleep in very late as well. They are soft-spoken and laid-back, very pleasant to be with.

Hau Lun (pronounced haw- LOON) is the father, and yesterday I helped him apply for a job, so now we are buddies. He is much sillier than he first let on, especially when he plays with his son, Michael. He seems to be aware of my inability to open doors, because when I need to go out or come in, he is always there waiting for me.

Tangei (pronounced tong- GUY) is the mother, and she is brilliant. She has picked up on the fact that I teach English every night, so she comes to every class! Then she sits with me after the other students leave and teaches me her language, Zo, as she rocks baby Debrah to sleep.

Michael loves to play with balls, dance to Burmese music, grab anything within reach, and sneak into my room and "borrow" my stuff. He also doesn't seem to mind Roshni toting him around like a puppy.

Debrah loves to sleep... as most 4-week-old babies do. She is not fussy, and is quite interested in things that move, such as my chair.

Pray for the Lun family! Hau Lun is trying to get a job to support his little family, and he and Tangei are trying to be good parents and neighbors. They love Jesus very much, and want to share their faith with Americans.

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