Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Thoughts Tea

for Wendy...

Inspired by fireflies in the dusky blue night, Pam and I go to the kitchen in search of enchantment. We open my magical green box and peer excitedly at the colorful array of tea packets tucked neatly inside. I pilfer through the stash for something familiar, something to remind me of home... Lady Grey - a family favorite, and decaf, too! But I know this particular bag is special - magical - because it holds a secret happy thought.

Pam pulls the bright blue packet from its place and turns it over... and laughs. "Oh, this is such a happy thought!" I glance at it too, and laugh in agreement. It's something only people like us can share, as we think of our sweet puppies who love us.

We open the packet and let a citrus zing escape under our noses, then with a plop! we channel all that flavor into a steaming pot of water.

Minutes pass and we spread out the nine previously-enjoyed happy thoughts on the table, recycling memories and smiles and smelling remnants of delicious by-gone teas. As we partake of Lady Grey, happy thoughts turn into jokes and stories that we tell... stories that grow sweeter, more precious, more significant with time, age, and reflection.

This is a magical moment - a moment of enchantment - created by a pot, two cups, and the joy of the Lord shared with a friend.

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