Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lakeside Getaway

Mom came to visit last weekend, and it was a whirlwind adventure! We went to Cheddars for lunch, and then Jayne took Leigh Ann, Mom, and I to Lakeside Park. For those of you who enjoy downtown Winston-Salem, imagine driving through the West End to Grace Court or Reynolda Gardens, only its even more is huge, with a lake and fountain in the middle! Here's some pictures of our time exploring this place, among all the weddings and quincinera parties...

After enjoying a stroll around the lake, we headed back home, and mom met all my new friends, and then we got in our pajamas and we stayed up late talking and trying to catch up on the two weeks we've missed with each other.
Early the next morning, mom and Leigh Ann had to leave. It was a short time we had, but very sweet - we know how to squeeze as much life and love as possible out of every moment we have together!

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