Monday, June 21, 2010

My Ethiopian Family

Last Friday night, Leigh Ann and I were invited to Hilina's house for dinner. We got to meet her mom and dad, her brothers, and her sister, as well as her nephew.
We thought we would sample the exotic Ethiopian fare, but instead Hilina's mom spent all day
cooking up an "American feast" in our honor. When we came around the table, she served us each lasagna, two pieces of fish, boiled potatoes and carrots, beets, deviled eggs, rice with corn and peas, and cabbage. :) Never realized that American foods could be displayed so ethnically... it was amazing. She urged us to "eat! eat!" Then we had hot tea and chocolate cake.
Her dad talked a lot about Ethiopia, and at one point he said, "This is a good country... a blessed country." I started to smile and nod and say that I knew, and he held up his hand. "No, you don't know. Americans, they cannot know how blessed they are. Only people from other countries who come here really know this." I think this must be true.
After dinner, we watched the World Cup and played with nephew William. As we got ready to leave, her mom took my face in her hands and kissed both of my cheeks. Something inside me wanted to cry: "I have an Ethiopian mama now!"
I'm so thankful for the love and generosity that has been poured out on me by my Ethiopian family.

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  1. What a great night! I miss my Ethiopian family already... Hope you get to try "real" Ethiopian food soon :)