Monday, November 29, 2010

Fuzzy thoughts of thankfulness and joy

I'm borrowing Jayne's computer tonight, as well as her humidifier and the box of tissues. Jayne and Hannah are decorating the house with silk poinsiettas, garland, and twinkle lights, and I'm admiring their work and giving an occasional opinion about interior design. I'm just thankful I'm not coughing right now. Two days and nights of coughing can really wear a person down. I've decided my pitiful lungs are happiest when they have the pamper package of extra-strength Mucinex, extra-strength Wal-tussin, and a good humidifier. My head feels a bit like mush, though. It's hard to collect my thoughts and form a coherent sentence, but the thoughts and words that are coming to my mind are sheer joy and thankfulness.

Praising my Jesus tonight for once again providing for my needs. He always does, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to me... it's just that sometimes he lets me sweat a little and cry a lot just so I can be reminded that he is in control and I am not. And I constantly need that reminder.

Thankful also for Hannah being here with me. She's a great support and encouragement and comfort, and has the sweetest, dearest heart. So blessed by her companionship this week already.

In the words of Meg Ryan, "My head is getting fuzzy," so I think I'll take my last dose of Wal-tussin for the night and head to bed.

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