Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow in Indiana

Well yesterday's adventures started when my morning attendant came in my room and said, "It is snowing like crazy out there!" Really? I didn't even know we should expect snow! So I did what any southern girl would do in this situation - I texted my brother and a few of my closest friends, I woke up Hannah, and I posted it on Facebook: "It's snowing!"

Hannah and I got bundled up and went outside and tromped through the little bit of powder that was on the sidewalk, letting snowflakes tickle our noses and eyelashes. We ran to see Jayne, and she came outside with us to get some pictures. Then, since we were really cold, we went back to our house and made hot tea - Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride - and split this massive caramel, chocolate and toffee apple that Maelynn made for us. What a breakfast! We realized what G.R.I.T.S. we really are, because we giggled and squealed like little kids all day at our winter wonderland.

What was amazing to me was that life actually went on as normal for most of Fort Wayne. We didn't even cancel youth night! In North Carolina, schools and businesses would have closed and everyone would have made a mad dash to the grocery store for bread and milk and then would have stayed home the rest of the day. Not here! Thang Ngaih and Hau Lun made their official move to their apartment, and Hannah and I even braved the weather to run errands at the church and Walmart... where there was still plenty of bread on the shelves.

It continued to snow all day, and although there wasn't a lot of accumulation is was pretty to watch from the windows. And there's more snow in the forecast for the weekend! We took some pictures that I posted below - hope you enjoy them, especially you southerners! :)

The view of my house from the 711 office.
My room is the window to the far right.

Two southern girls enjoying their first northern snow!

My snow art,
using powdered snow, asphalt, and my own four wheels.

Back window view of snow.

Front window view of snow.

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