Friday, December 3, 2010

Mousetrap minefield

Who'd have thought that a game called "Mousetrap Minefield" would be the youth groups' favorite bonding time? With a name like that, it's hard to know if it is a good idea or a bad idea... no, actually it's pretty easy to see that it's probably a bad idea, the hard part is trying to find a good reason to justify playing it anyway. There are 20 springloaded and set mousetraps scattered on the floor, a blindfold, and some thick houseslippers... let your imagination take you where it will. There is also lot of noise going on... a lot of shouting directions and squealing and jumping around and laughing, and oh did we laugh. The kids had a great time, and it is always good to see our kids having a great time.

I was watching videos tonight of the action, and realized that everyone was shouting directions at the same time. Some of the directions were helpful and some of them weren't, but it was too loud and confusing for the blindfolded person to really follow any of it, and some of the kids ended up setting off all 20 of the mousetraps because of bad council or too much noise. Others were too afraid to even take a step.

Isn't that how life is for teenagers (actually, for most of us)?  We've got a lot of noise in our lives - music, TV, social networks, peers, teachers and professors, and all the rest. It may be good or bad, but it's all noise. And when I fill my life with a lot of noise, it's harder for me to hear from God and a lot easier for me to stumble into traps. I have to really focus in, turn down the volume of life, and tune in to his still small voice.

When I do that, it's like he's taking me by the shoulders and slowly, steadily leading me through the minefield. He says to me, "Alright now, just stay close to me, move with me, follow my directions, and we'll get through this together." What a comfort it is when I hear him speak and I feel his touch! I know I have nothing to fear. I can step out boldly and with confidence, knowing that the path may be treacherous but I have a Guide who is faithful and true.

Going through the minefield with my Jesus is not a death trap - it is a grand adventure, and together we have the victory.

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