Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Many, many love

My favorite international quote of today came from Lian, during our snack break at Women's Club. Hannah has really hit it off with Lian's seven-month-old baby boy, Moi Sang, since she came, and Lian is quite fond of her too. As I talked with Lian today about Hannah, I said, "Yes, she really loves Jesus."

Lian's response was, "Oh, yes, I see... in her..." she gestured a circle around her face, so I offered the English word, "Face?" "Yes, in her face... many, many love.... Love Jesus, love Moi Sang, love Connie..." She proceeded to express how she knows Hannah will be a good mother and that she should have ten children. :) 

But that phrase - no matter how grammatically incorrect it may be - stuck with me: "Many, many love." And she could see it in her face! What a beautiful compliment that brings such glory to God! I bet that's what drew so many people to Jesus - the love in his face, and I hope that's what people see in all of us as followers of Jesus... I hope it's what they see in me. Many, many love.

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